Our History

In 1987, Nan Fowler started a used bookstore in Arroyo Grande and called it Nan’s Pre-Owned Books. In the early days, Nan ran the store and also worked part time as a nurse. As business grew, she retired from being a nurse and worked the store full time.

In 2001, Nan moved the business to Grover Beach for a much needed expansion. Nan’s Pre-Owned Books landed on the corner of 13th and Grand, which previously held The Corner Tree Market owned by Nan’s brother, Dave.  The Arroyo Grande shop was home to around 7,000 books. Today, the store holds over 50,000! 

In 2020, Nan decided to retire at 80 and pass the bookstore down to her granddaughter, Kassi. Nan still works as an employee for Kassi and is enjoying her part time retirement. 

Kassi is very excited to be the new owner of the store and loves representing her business in the community. She has big hopes and dreams for the store and is looking forward to the future.



Kassi Dee

Nan Fowler