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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a box full of books - do you buy used books?

We do trade for store credit! We will give you 20% of the cover price towards anything in the store. Store credit cannot be used to order new books. We do not give cash out for books - just store credit. We reserve the right to refuse any damaged books.

How much are your books?

Our books sell for 1/2 the cover price. Any book that does not have a cover price will have a sticker labeled "Nan's Books" with the price on it. Prices are final.

What type of books do you accept?

It depends on our inventory at the time. If we have too many copies of a particular book, we will not accept it for store credit. However, we can donate it for you! We do not accept: Hardcover Fiction (except for large print and some select titles) Textbooks Harlequin Romances Cookbooks

When can I bring my books in?

Anytime! Our hours are Monday-Saturday 10:00am-5:30pm.

Do you send books to the jail?

We are no longer able to send books to the jail. Please contact the facility you are trying to mail books to and see what their requirements are. Every facility is different - but, most of the time they need the book to come new and directly from the publisher or wholesale bookstore.